This little tank was "Goliath" called. It was a selfdriving bomb by cableremote. Containing 1000kg TNT.

I few actions were undetermines reported during the starting of the offensive in the Bulge.

Grenadiers with Bazookas in Shootingposition 

Colt M1911 A1, 7 rounds Magazine,  Kaliber 45 Acp

Pistole 08, 8 rounds Magazine 9mm Para,

MP18, 32 Rounds magazine, 9mm Para, often used by the Volkssturm

Pistole P38, 8 Rounds Magazine, 9mm Para

MP40, 32 Rounds magazine, 9mm Para, „Schmeisser“

MP PPSh 41, 71 Rounds magazine, 7,62mm Tokarev. Oblt. Johannes Baczewski carried his spoilweapon from russia 1943 until the end in the ruhrpocket.

Thompson M1 Submachinegun, 20 / 30 magazine, 45 Acp

M1 Carbine, 15 Rounds magazine, Cal. 0.30

M1 Garand, 8 rounds, Cal. 30.06

Mauser Karabiner 98k, 5 rounds, 7,92mm



Stgw. 44, 30 rounds  Magazine, caliber 7,92mm short, Weight: 5.22kg
Muzzle velocity:
650m per second
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Maximum effective combat range: 800m
Rate of fire: 500 rpm

MG 34, 50er belt, caliber 7,92mm

MG 42, 50er belt, caliber 7,92mm


Sehen Sie einen Panzerfaustschützen beim Abfeuern seiner Waffe!
Take a look at a german soldier firing his bazooka..


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